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When there is light, there will always be shadow. Candles of power are also followed by shadows in the dark.

In 'Tarot for Your Self'." Mary K. Greer talks about shadow card(s).

Hidden Factor Card as Shadow Card
Your [A] Hidden Factor Card [or cards] indicate aspects of yourself that you fear, reject, or don't see, and thus can also be called the Shadow Card. The shadow, a term used and defined [coined] by Carl Jung, refers to unknown or little-recognized parts of the personality. These are aspects of yourself that you deny, and thus can not see directly. However, you will remain sensitive to these qualities and therefore tend to see them in others via the psychological mechanism of 'projection' [projection is a term coined by Freud and redefined by Jung].

Using the Tarot and Shadow Cards
Some people just use the reversed meaning of a tarot card for the meanings of the shadow aspects of a given card. I prefer using a numerology concept for figuring out the shadow aspects of a spread/reading.
Add the number values of all the cards. Court cards all normally just have a value of zero [0] and The Fool has a value of 22.See: Court Card Values
After adding all the values, if the number is bigger than 22 then reduce the number by adding together the individual digits in the number
Example: 10 of Cups [10] .. 7 of Wands [7] .. The World [21]
Adding the card values together we have; 10+7+21=38.
Since 38 is higher than 22 then we reduce the number 38 by adding the separate digits together to get 3+8=11
Once you have a number between 1 and 22 then this number becomes the Number Total [NT} or the Number Key [NumKey] of the reading/spread.
You then equate this number to it's corresponding Major Arcana card.
Each Major Arcana card has it's shadow card, or cards which can be found by adding or subtracting 9 to the value of the Major Arcana card value until you exceed 22 or go below 1.
To make it easier, here is a list of the Majors and the cards related to it. Given the number total of the spread/reading cards then anyone of the cards in each group can be the NumKey [Number Total] - which will make the other number/cards the shadow card/s for that reading/spread. Note: Some categories have three numbers/cards associated with them, while some only have two numbers/cards associated with them. Note also that each double digit in each category reduces down to the base/root number [1 to 9] of that category.
The 1'sKey 1: The MagicianKey 10: The Wheel of FortuneKey 19: The Sun

The 2'sKey 2: The High PriestessKey 11: Justice [or Strength]Key 20: Judgement

The 3'sKey 3: The EmpressKey 12: The Hanged ManKey 21: The World

The 4'sKey 4: The EmperorKey 13: DeathKey 22: The Fool

The 5'sKey 5: The HierophantKey 14: Temperance

The 6'sKey 6: The LoversKey 15: The Devil

The 7'sKey 7: The ChariotKey 16: The Tower

The 8'sKey 8: Strength [or Justice]Key 17: The Star

The 9'sKey 9: The HermitKey 18: The Moon
We did 3 readings on 17th September to test the shadow card.

In the above spread which is my yes no spread.
Question is (Will i be able to quit my private study without having any additional cost since i have lost interest in schooling?)

The cards are (left yes) 1) king of cups, 2) seven of swords, 3) 3 of swords, 4) 2 high priestess, (right no) 5) page of pentacles 6) 10 of wands 7) 9 hermit 8) knight of wands. (centre) 9) queen of swords 10) 10 of pentacles.

Hence the answer is 50 / 50. It depends on how things goes. on the one end he has people to help him which is the high priestess and king of cups. Due to 10 of pentacles.

On the other end, page of pentacle is to do planning 10 of wands is a lot of factors against him and hermit which is the school is seeking money. knight wands which is a lot of quarrels.

The queen of swords is a lot of balance and justice and mediation. 10 of pentacles is again help.

Hence he is going to get good help. If he follows, it will be good.

The Shadow card is 7 + 3 + 10 + 2 + 9 + 10 = 41 = 5 which is hierophant.

Help or contracts or bureacracy. Hence he must face the contracts, which he signed for the school. the shadow of the shadow is Temperence which is Art. which is to do what he needs and must put into actions.

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