Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tarot of the divine legacy Mass production.

Finally i got the mass production deck to do my readings with.

I liked the deck on the onstart. and it is very good to see. i like the moon with its promises.
His website has many a wall paper to down load.

This is the reading mat.

Although the mass production series does not come with the art book.... it is comes with a book on explanations on the individual cards.

I like the use of a naked lady basking in the moon as promises and secrets.
commentary by Ciro
Following the star angel, the Fool continues on into a strange dreamlike scene. He finds himself in an ancient mystical temple; water reflecting moonlight, which in turn reflects sunlight. This is a strange dreamlike and passive environment. The Fools emotional roller coaster ride over the previous few cards is finally taking its toll. He saw glimpses of this other world when in the presence of the High Priestess, and during his period of contemplation as the Hanging Man. But now the illusion is in the forefront, can he really hear the howling of wolves. His instincts waver; one moment controlled another wild and primordial. Once again he must find the will to move beyond or risk being lost forever in this alter reality, a consequence of his emotional state.

The hermit a man of wisdom.... looks abit like grey hawk from the lonewolf series. comments by the artist is as follows

Our reclusive figure blends into the background skyline and mountain range. The winding path suggests distance and isolation. The Hermit is pensive, his expression projects fatigue and effort. This is no fun camping trip, but an endeavor. In his isolation and solace he can reflect without distraction, searching for truth and understanding. The glowing crystal replaces the more traditional lantern, as the device by which he manifests his will to illuminate the way forward.
The use of the crystal in this way blends nicely with its role in my companion story, along with its use in various forms throughout the suite of Wands

The high priestess echoes of the moon... perhaps the lady in the moon is the high priestess?
commentary by artist

Compared to the physical tangible knowledge of the Magician, the High Priestess represents spiritual knowledge; that which cannot be measured, contained and quantified, but no less powerful for that. It’s the subconscious or inner voice

The female figure emerges from deep still waters of that subconscious, holding a scroll alluding to esoteric ancient knowledge. The pomegranate with its multiple seeds, a symbol of fertility, but according to some traditions, was also the forbidden fruit of Eden, and as such another source of knowledge. The owl is also a traditional symbol of wisdom, an appropriate companion. Her golden headdress creates a halo like imagery which along with the hooded cowl garment suggest religious almost Madonna like overtones.

Depicted here, as a distant figure, unlike the Empress card that follows, the Priestess doesn't project warmth and comfort. Her power is palpable and unquestioned. She is not to be feared, but there is a certain coldness, and discomfort in her presence.

On a personal note, as a young child I was brought up in an elementary school, taught by Roman Catholic nuns. The headmistress or “mother superior” was very much in my mind in depicting this High Priestess.

The main theme of the deck is the fool and the hour glass. I see a lot of masking and the masking and the unmasking of the fool from 0 - 22 the world.

So here we have the Fool as the 0 card that pre-empts the Major Arcana. Our hero leaps and balances deftly on the hourglass. The colored sand reconfirms that we are at the beginning. From his decorated travel box, fly glimpses of the future, characters he will meet and events that his future holds. He reaches out enthusiastically to embrace them, the world literally at his feet. His is eager and innocent, he is unaware and therefore without fear of the precariousness of his position and the potential dangers it might also represent. His faithful companion, not quite as enthusiastic or confident of their safety, nevertheless holds on for the ride. So let the journey begin.

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