Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I read lisa preschel's a practical guide to the runes.In it, she writes that fortune telling to your clients or friends. you must be very responsible and weigh your words, but say the truth.

Recently the case of the medium suicide pact thing.

SINGAPORE: The teenage Taoist medium who organised a suicide pact had been upset over his parents' divorce. The coroner's court heard this as the brother and friends of 16-year-old medium Ku Witaya took the stand in court on Tuesday. Witaya had convinced seven other teenagers to take part in the suicide pact last year. Witaya and Sia Chan Hong fell nine storeys to their death, while the others backed out at the last minute.


and the misuse of tarot cards in tricking people.
Hector Ayala, 59, tricked her into having sex with him by convincing her that it would get rid of any bad luck and help her wishes come true, according to The Daily News.


My own personal experience was that as follows.
Among my friends, i am esteemed due to my art.
However, i spoke out of turn when i was intoxicated about the reliability of a person to another friend. Hence I forgot that even on social occassions, my words carry weight and responsibilities.

Although the misunderstanding cleared up, our friendship was hurt by the incident.

Hence like spiderman said. "With great power comes great responsibility."

I have a gift and a skill, i need to use it responsibly to all.

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