Monday, September 14, 2009

Tarot outing on September 12th 2009

At coffee nations, i tried their new cheese cake... Brownie cheese cake. A delicious combination of Both Cheese and chocolate.

Although Most of my students were not around, Sky in camp, William overseas, Joanne is with Noel jamming guitar, Anita is having a hair cut and packing for her trip and christina is in malaysia, the turnout was very good.
A total of 28 people turned up for the outing this time.

A lot of new faces came, Jason doing reading and Linda doing readings too.
First of all, I would like to thank Kelvin Khermery for coming to the outing.
He forgot to bring his tarot deck, so i lent him my tarot of the divine legacy (mass production version) to use.
He is very happy with the deck, actually a lot of people like the deck so much.
I told everyone it cost S$50.00 inclusive of freight.
His spreads are very intuitive and his readings very different from my style.

Since my main aim is to encourage the art of tarot reading, it is good that he came to show others a different style in tarot reading.
Once again a big thank you.
Of course, Serming came too. He was quite down due to his exams failure. But when he started reading, he seems to be better.Carolyn brought her friend Sue for readings too.

Dimple and her friend who learned tarot from Paul in the civil service club.
Well, I showed them 1 spread which is the Wave 13 cards spread as a dianogistical tool.

Larry doing a reading for Jeffrey.
Lindawati in discussion with Linda Khoom dimple and Asmine.

This is carolyn's niece... Cute rite.
This is the whole's smallest tarot......?
Her posing.... Maybe next singapore top model?
Victor and Hanjing, both new readers
It is good to see much enthusiaism in the readers and many new faces.
Of Course, My good friend Wen was there to help out and do readings.... he used my deck the tarot of the divine legacy....

All in all it was a good outing.

For those who are interested to join on October 3rd 2009, please check out the link below.

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