Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tarot validation for tarot readers.

In singapore, as in the olden ways, we have a tarot validation for individuals whom feel the call that they are worthy enough to accept cash payment for their tarot services. First the individual must get permission from a more senior tarot reader of the community or his teacher, to do the validation.

This ritual of passage is carried out and overseen by another senior member who is not his teacher or mentor.

From the tarot meetup in singapore, we had so far 2 validations. one is for Ser ming, the other is for Jason. As the organiser of the tarot meetup, i was asked by both members to sponsor them or be their teacher and request Another senior and proven tarot reader, Kelvin Khermery to be the person to oversee their validation.

The validation in order to accept cash payment or be a professional tarot reader involves requesting 3 strangers whom the tarot reader does not meet before to be the sitter or the querant.

Each of these strangers will be given a golden coin.

The reader will do readings for each of them in turn.

If after the reading, the querant feels that the reader has accomplished his skill and ability.

They will drop the coin into the cup of water. If not they do not place the coin in, they would tell the reader of reason for his failure.

If the reader is unable to earn all 3 coins, he would have be considered as failing the validation.


This test is the ultimate test of skill for a beginning reader.

A lot of the test is about the following.

1) Ability to guide the querant to ask the question, which is both specific and within reason.

2) empathise and link the meanings of the cards in the spreads

3) having the confidence to deliver your tarot reading.

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