Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today, i met Margerita, a tarot reader from Poland for lunch.

In an exchange of 1 reading for another reading, i did a celtic cross reading for her.

With her permission, i am publishing this reading. I discussed with James Ricklef this morning about how using various tools, Iching, Tarot and also that of Runes would yield the same result.

Note: Question, Her relationships with people and how to improve them.
The deck which i used is the tarot of dreams by ciro machetti.

Card 1 current situation: Hanged man.

My feel is that she feels she sacrifice a lot for others and is willing to give up things for her friends. However, something was taken for her and she learnt a new lesson.

Card 2 Crossing Ace of Pentacles.

The matter which is affecting her relationship with friends is money or financial. It is like business is business and friendship is friendship and she does like to mix the 2.

Card 3 What is beneath you or has passed: 6 of swords.
In the past she has assisted to help someone like the problem solver using money and finance..

Card 4 What is your hopes and fears: 4 of wands.

She hopes that she would recover the money which the person took from her and retain the friendship.

Card 5 what is the immediate past Lovers

She was a very good friend to the person and close hence she lent money to the person.

Card 6 Immediate future: King of swords.

This reflects a matter of logic and advise for her to be logical and impartial in friendship.

Card 7 how the future will change to King of Pentacles.

This king of pentacle is the person whom she lent the money to.

Card 8 How people see her? 8 of pentacles.

People feel that she is now more careful in friendship and with money.

Card 9 How she actually feels? Justice.

She feels that she needs justice and to be treated fairly.

Card 10 Advise and final outcome: Judgement.

This matter needs to be put behind her or a closure needs to be made, but is not. once it is closed she can move on.


Shadow card is 15 which is the devil.

What she does not admit is that this matter has affected her deeply and not shown.

The first rune is Uruz (reversed)

It refers to the king of pentacles. However, it also means a deep stubborness and also that the person is not willing to be fair and is very self centered. It also mean that is matter is a devil and deep in her mind.

2nd rune was Nauthiz
Nauthiz in this reading feels like a need a closure needs to be made. Some hole needs to feel and it has a sense of lack of justice and a judgement.
The 3rd rune is Jera, Harvest.
The Harvest refers to the money matter or an exchange of the wealth. It also refers to the net or a bondage which is similar to the devil. Iching is Heaven over lake. which is caution "while in the tiger's cave. Do not step on the tail.
This refers to that she is careful around people and cautious. She feels that she should not open up herself in the future to relationships.

The transformed iching hexagram is the meek will overcome the strong with time. wind over heaven. This refers with slow progression and with courage. She would be able to overcome this shyness and be a new person. Learning to trust.


The lines which changed or transformed are lines 3 and lines 4 which refers to that of the human conditioin. She needs introspection and this is very much an internalised issue. If she is able to accept the matter and move on. She would improve relationships with people.


As you can see, all three systems complements each other in reading. They are all mirrors to one's soul and just like chopsticks and spoon and fork. depending the skill of the persons.


KellyK said...

I think using 3 different method to do reading is good. Firstly, even though the 3 methods are different, they give the same answer. This give the enquirer the confident that the reader do have the skills to use the tools to make predictions. Secondly, using different tools can help the reader to get more insights of what the enquirer wants to know ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this example of how the three methods can synchronize.
James Ricklef

Malgorzata said...

Hi Rowen

Thank you for pleasurable and interesting meeting.......I am glad Ihave met you:))
......Thank you for reading for me - it was mainly right but as you know Tarot gives us the way and state of our life at present but we can change ......I believe in free will and power of subconcious mind - what you believe will happen" that is why the best are positive thoughts and words- they are sent to universe and higher powers - they respond to it. We are creators of our destiny- by comunicating and vizualization of our desires and wishes.

Hope to see you again All the best!!!

psychic tarot said...

In whatever method, I really think that it will still give the same answer. It is best if it turned out to be like this.