Saturday, September 4, 2010

Record Keeper quartz with aquamarine. Newly bought and cheap too

On Friday afternoon, i was looking at crystals with william at harmony gems singapore and at the regular shop which we normally go to. Since i found my record keeper Herkimer diamond, i decided to look for record keepers. After some search. I managed to find another one. This record keeper was placed in a corner without the owner realising what it is. i bought it for only $25.00.

It is a matrix crystal, with some scale like plates element, i don't know what is the material of the plates. If anyone recognises it, i would appreciate if you could let me know.
On this particular quartz, i found it as a Sunken record keeper.

It is one triangle pointing to the apex of the termination. it is a small crystal though.

There are other stones with this record keeper. Like i said it is a cluster with some aquamarine crystal too.

"A Sunken record keeper contains a data bank of information within the stone itself. Usually this information was recorded during the times of ancient civilization. Much of it then to be Atlantean. but information from other civilizations and the star seed nations has also been recovered."

Extracted from the book of stones.

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