Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tarot art by Philipino artist Brenda V. Fajardo

Brenda V Fajardo, (born 1940 in Manila), painted a set of paintings with the idelogies of using tarot as a source of hope for the people. She did these sets of painting during the 1980s during the martial law period in the Philippines. She was interested to Filippinize the images of tarot to reflect the times. Then as a source of inspiration, she did the images around the central image to reflect the social reality of the times. The cards served as a guide inspiration for her.
The images in the above is about the japanese occupation. On it there was 8 of wands, lovers, 2 of wands, magician, 4 of pentacles, moon, page of pentacles, 9 of wand, the sun, 4 of wands temperence, 3 of cups, knight of wands and hanged man.

The following is what i could see from the cards chosen.

The 8 of wands reflect the times are very violent and things happen very fast without thinking. Love was one of the things to see people through, 2 of wands means tough choices needed to be made, Magician in this shows the tricksters and traitors selling their wares for the japanese. the 4 of pentacles refer to tight control. the moon refers to the uncertainty of the times, the page of pentacles looks like freedom fighters planning the freedom of the country, the 9 of wands means the struggle they going through to make the sun which is the new nation. the 4 of wands means a completion of the ideals of the nation building. the 3 of cups and knight of wands and the hanged man means the sacrifices one must make in nation building.

The above image is about her selfhood and her growing up.
The cards she chose are 2 of pentacles, High priestess, Temperance, Star, the Moon and the Sun.
All cards of hope and confidence.

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