Sunday, September 5, 2010

A review of the Fenestra Tarot By Larry Lee.

Special thanks to Larry Lee, who is much intuned and much aligned with this deck, for writing the following review. Your skill of the pen matches your ability to use tarot.

The Fenestra Tarot has mystified us on mystical truths in fantastic manners and views of a dreamscape. For Example, the deck aids readers with its pastel colors of reddish brown borders in matters of the heart. Its lunar curves of the borders have powers of the moon, futher strenght is shown by the twin roses which in most languages speak of 2 hearts aligned.... and attracts many female querant. I like the blend of Egyptian and Siamese art with a touch of the depiction of several characters from Greek, Celtic and Hematic cultures.
I certain sense a feeling of the artist's ideal in the painting of the cards. I feel that Chatriya has many ups and downs like the tides of the moon when it came to relationships. It has helped me sooth the hearts and ease the minds of many a querant with thoughts of relationship issues.
Personally the Aura of the moon and the relationship power comes through strongly to me in a few cards. First of all i see the 8 of cups. In most Rider decks, you would see only the back of the person as he strides forth in the search of more. However, in the Fenestra tarot, the feminine strength is shown by depicting a lady instead of man. Secondly the lady seems filled with a lot of unease and could not bear to leave the current 8 cups to go on her journey. It seems that her search would be a comparison to that of the current relationship......

The next card with much image is the 7 of cups. In this card the person is looking up on options which seem quite clear to him without the mists of illusion. But it is not totally so. the objects of the cups and the choices available are not totally visible. they are only like the crescent of moon half seen.

Hence it emphasis the dillema which choice is to be made based on half truths......

The strength refers to strong will within and much charisma. I like this depiction as the lady is shown totally at ease with a mighty beast and that there is no effort to soothe the beast. The beast is content and in her laps like a kitten..... this show of strength is one of good internal control. not that of physical might.
The back of the card has special significance to me the twin roses in the spiral of a DNA resembles the power of emotions which one would have when using the cards. the central circle if seen in manners of different light resembles the moon in its varied faces. and strengthen the powers of lunar strength.

I would like to thank Chatriya for working and completing this deck.
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