Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tarot meetup December 11th 2010

This Month, i was requested to assist some Ngee Ann poly students with an interview on tarot. It was to be conducted in chinese and also about the different cards and aspects of tarot.

Cleo and Jennifer.

Hwee and Jennifer.

Jason doing readings using the rider waite.
Beelian and jennifer. Beelian is my wife.

Ser Ming being very happy with his I Phone....
Leon doing readings. He has improved a lot since last time in which he came.

William doing readings for Stephanine.

My Friend and student Phobe.

Chuck doing tarot readings.
Hwee doing readings with the fentastra tarot.
Larry, Jason and Ser ming caught off guard.
Although we decided it on last min. it was a good meeting with over 30 people attending.

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