Monday, December 6, 2010

The Coffee Conoisseur Coffee cards

Recently i Came across this booklet, the coffee Booklet at TCC ( The Coffee Conoisseur) which is one of the cafes which i frequent.

In it, there is this section on the COFFEE TAROT.

They Show only 10 cards.

First card is Lychee Jazzy which resembles the magician, A choice is to be made and the begining of something new. This is a correct assessment of the magician which is to initiate something.

Cards 2 is the Perfect and Juliet, Dilemm Reconcilation and cooperation to be sought. Traditionally this card in the Tarot is the high priestess. Understandable that TCC does not really know about tarot, so they confuse it with card 6 which is the lovers.

Card 3 is the Empress Romantasia, Harmony and wisdom the fulfilment of plans.
This is ok assessment as the empress.

Card 4 is the Emperor Azuki Coffee. Strength and courage. Hmmm this is a way the emperor. However the emperor is about taking charge and command.

Card 5 is the Sunny Kabocha...... It resembles the Sun.... which is card 19. However in the tarot this is suppose to be the Hierophant. Which means traditional and assistance.

Card 9, they have the Wheel of Chocolate Wealth. This is their wheel of fortune which card 10 of the major arcana.

Card 11, they have Frosty Dumpty. this should be the tower...? as it means sudden unexpected changes... I like this card. As Dumpty falls down from his position.... The major arcana it should be 16.
Card 7 we have the Ms Devil-misu..... the meaning they have is be awakened a change is necessary..... hmmmmmm this i do not agree. if they mean temptation.. it would be better. and the devil is card 15 of the majors.

Card 8 they have the tower of mocha villa........ which means be ready for knowledge and opportunities? this is completely incorrect.... anyways it shows they don't really know tarot enough.

Finally card 6 they have dark devotion eclipse... light at the end of the tunnel is near?
The moon means uncertainty and visions and dreams..... it is card 18....

It is interesting how TCC used the concept of tarot in the a simple advertisment of their products.... some are quite good like the magician, the empress, the emperor and my favorite the humpty dumpty.... but the rest are good fun and not really tarot.

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