Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eihwaz the rune of transformation. of change. Guardian of the Rainbow bridge.

I was waiting for time to pass and wrote the runes Elder Futhark from memory. 23 runes i wrote in order. Yet 1 eluded my gasp. Try as i may 1 rune, was not in my thoughts. It was Eihwaz.

The Rune Eihwaz. a rune of transformation. I face a barrier. i am at the rainbow bridge and infront of me is the guardian. I have journeyed far.... this is the last step which i needed to take.

In front is myself verus myself.... change is coming.

I am going from the sun (son) to the Emperor(father) a change and i am afraid?

My understanding of this particular rune is not very strong. It is a rune of protection. It is long lasting. it is to protect and prevent attacks.

It is the rune of yew. a strong tree to make bows and arrows from. A tree of protection. In the wizard of earth sea, Ged used this wooden for his staff and magic. It means an ending of a stage and transformation to another.

Like death in tarot. But again not true death but a trial and change is coming... Embrace this change and it will strenghten me.....

A new beginning is coming for me in life and this rune is about changes.... of phases and the continuity of life.....

It reminds me of the Iching gua of Ji Ji. after change. heating up water for something new and miracleous. It could mean my daughter's birth has changed me.... perhaps i should be a different man now?

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