Monday, June 20, 2011

Life stages and the Major arcana.

The major arcana is a set of cards which have been mentioned to represent various stages of a person's life path.

When we begin a journey of learning, or are born in this world. We are like the fool and experience a new start. without knowledge or mastery, we have a beginner's mind and find our ways to enlightenment.

Along the way there are instances of sudden change. The towers which we are constantly built up, will be destroyed. Our egos are challenged constantly. Matters great and small. Destruction of what we knew, may no longer be truth.
In the lovers, we make choices, decisions on whom to marry, whom to love, whom to partner how to communicate. it is a constant choice matter.

We know not the understanding of times. We are confused and illusions sometimes clouds our minds. like the moons and the tides which are caused by it, non consistancy.

Yet it is through these inconsistancies which we emerge. A new day dawning. A new life to us. Be it a change in job, education or status like marriage and birth of child. A sun would brighten the darkest nights.

And perhaps we find a need to reorganise and to be the king or emperor of our lives.... to be a father, a boss or just picking up the pieces.......

The above 6 cards could be a person's life story. In short.... it describes what has happened in my life for the past 3 years.

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