Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oracle of visions. My favourite cards.

Recently, the oracle of vision is one of the decks which is good for the using as a significator to lay a stage prior to reading. the following are some of my favourite cards in the deck.

The above is the card strength of support of others. Many a time we need to rely on the strenght of others in order to perform. We also lend strenght to others as well. In order for a performance to be a success, normally it is a co-operation of both the one supporting as well as the one who is dancing. We should remember on whose backs do we do our work on as well as team work is a key.

The beauty of creation. When a man and a woman gets together, we can create a miracle. In the watchman from alan moore, the comedian and the silk spectre created the silk spectre 2. It is this act of creation which moves Dr manhatten to aid mankind.

Children should be protected by divine powers. Om is all around them and all the signs are in their favour.

"Beware the wolf...." a tale of caution...... In peril one is there is always some danger awaiting to pounce on you..... I like the eyes of the wolf in this card as well as a modern portrayal of a very oil tale.....

Patience is needed in fishing...... a bit of imagination to wile the time away...... fishing without a bait..... May the one willing please step up.... a call for volunteers....

This card reminds me of the 2 of pentacles of balance and choices.... with the power of libra.... one must be fair and a good juggler of deeds.

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