Saturday, December 8, 2012

CIro Marchetti's new deck. Gilded Reverie Deck

It has been some time since i last purchased a deck. and the most recent purchase which i have is Ciro's Gilded Reverie Deck

The lenormand system is different from tarot and could consist of between 36 to 40 cards.

For Ciro's deck there is a total of 40 cards which includes cards like Dice, Bridge, Masks

The deck done by ciro is very pretty. and he gave a quote in the pouch given with each deck.

On mine it is " Through your voice the cards can speak."
The card which i have which differs from the book is the ring card. Mine is a green stone whereas in the ciro's book it is a red stone of ruby.  Perhaps mine is an emerald like that of green lantern... May my will be done....

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