Monday, March 31, 2008

Basic facts on Tarot and Poker cards.

Morrot from SG club asked.....

it this the same as people using poker card to read fate??

My answer is

The Tarot is made up to 78 cards.22 cards are the major arcana.56 are the minor arcana.out of the minor arcana there are 14 cards in each suit.1-10 and king, queen, page and knightpoker cards are made up of 52 cards in 4 suits.1-10 and king, queen, jack.So based on this principle, you can still use the poker cards to do readings, but i prefer using Tarot as you can have fuller meanings made as the poker cards is considered only the minor arcana....In addition, ppl may say there are angel oracle cards. I personally do not like angel cards as they are too positively skrewed and are only good as affirmation bad meanings or negative cards in most of them....Hope this answers your questions.

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