Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tarot outing May 17 2008 pictures only,

Well it was a good outing met lots of ppl there.... today.
Hi pplNice outing.
Apocalyptic: Thank you for organising.
Spade: thank you for organising. You are getting better at the cards. Everyone is praising you.
Larrenv2.003:: You are improving. Thank you for letting me test out the 6 card spread
Loukezxv (christina): Nice meeting you. Your tongue is very very sharp. In addition can let me know about mor decks.
Icyblue 7: Sorry did not talked to you much today.
Frinky: Nice seeing you today....
Soupdude (ken): you have improved. i will try out your human body spread and give a review on it.
Kagali: Sorry i did not talk to you much today. but you look better and more confident with your cat cards.
Genghis: Yos.... remember to get me an oil palm seed when you come back from Sarawak.....!!!!

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