Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tarot and making friends.


All people need friends at one moment or the other of the person's life.
Some of them come and stay for life.
Some are mere passerbys for the whole is vast and people have their own ideas on what they want to achieve in it.
Some are worth their weight in gold, others are like sand in the desert..... (worthless)


Being a tarot reader, i get to meet all sorts of people from different sets and walks of life.
Some of them are very nice. others are not. Some become very very lasting friends while others meet you
Most of the people i have met are nice people.

A special mention are those whom i met in SG club.
Soupdude, Wen, Spade, Lovehusky Jesslyn are some of the very nice tarot reading interested friends which i have met.

As for the people whom i met at the holistic living fair, Ms Michelle, is a very very good friend and massager. She is very nice too.....

In a party, sometimes, a good way to break the ice is by tarot reading or palm reading......

well i guess it is a good way to know ppl.....

Just my thoughts and feelings....

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