Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reading for Larren done on tarot outing using 6 cards spread

I was requested by Larren to do this spread for him.

The cards are

1) Ace of wands as the past. Meaning good beginning, opporunities abound.

2) Knight of shields(pentacles) as current present, money is coming in.... but need to manage wealth

3) The moon as future, uncertainy for the future and a bit of confusion.

4) 4 of shields (pentacles) reversed...... (normally i dun do reversals) anyways it means loss of control of financial management. (what is against him)

5) Knight of swords (someone with wealth and logic) will help him. (Larren told me that his uncle will help him)

6) 10 of shields no need to worry of wealth (advice for him)

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