Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I came across this deck on my search for new decks and stuff and found it to be very interesing. The artist uses a collage of pictures from the Renaissance period and is very christian in the feel of the deck.

The Judgement card is interesting as it shows a soul in the judgement of a king upon a throne. As i mentioned there is a cross and symbols associated with christianity.

The hanged man is a Davinci picture upsidedown. Nice i like. As i feel Davinci is knowledge via experiments in the Renaissance period.
The moon is another of the majors which i like. it comes with a very symbolic pictures of all the various phases of the moon. Crescent, full and half.

The court cards uses various background for each of the suit. My favourite is the blue background for the pentacles.
The minors are in old Tarot of Marseill format and arranged in a more eye catching manner.

It is available at THE WEBSITE IS AS FOLLOWS.

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