Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shimure's Journal: Past events.

We are ruled by our emotions.
Our care for another person is what i feel makes ourselves special and different from other animals.
The past 2 days, i have met 2 different persons and their emotional troubles.
On saturday, at coffee nations, our standard meetup place in bugis, we were meeting up with people from a facebook game group. Cynwell, a good friend and street magician, introduced me to a boy, named Daniel, 16 year old.

Daniel, though 16, appeared more like a kid of 18 or 19 in my opinion, however his postures and his performance and bearing showed that there is some flaw and lack in confidence in him. He requested that i do a reading for him. He was concerned about his o levels. In the reading i saw a 3 nines appearing in the reading, with the death card, the 9 which was missing was 9 of swords. Hence i told him about great changes which he needed to make. Great worry ( 9 of swords) was one issue which is in his heart. In addition to this it is lack of direction and confidence. I consoled him to seek his plans in life and replot what is required of his aims. "Like an archer in a competition, you need to know where is the target to hit your mark and reach your goal."

He then revealed to me, that he was rejected in a Boy Girl relationship. Later, i did a reading on what he required to do. The cards advised the following, emperor, 6 of cups and 4 of cups and 8 of cups. which is to seek to become a man have maturity, seek family support, opportunities of love would come and seek where you do not see.
"For One with all the time in the world,
Experiences and aims are needed......"

As for the next person whom i met, it is a client. Her name is Claire. Her Husband is suffering from 4th stage cancer of the lungs. She started off by asking me about the health condition of her husband. I did a tree of life spread. In it the 10 of swords and 3 of swords appeared as the last 2 cards of the spread. I mentioned to her that his condition on the cancer is not very good but there is chances of recovery.

She then ask me whether her husband would have a long life. I mentioned that i cannot tell from the cards and that it would be best to seek a doctor's advice. I told her part of my ethics is not to answer medical questions.

However, throughout the readings with her, i can see that there is much love in her for her husband.


Irony of this week is.

"For those with time, they seek aimlessly to find what they want....

Once upon finding love, riches or aims, perhaps your time has run out.....

What is not seen is the most essential?

When was the last time you appreciated someone who is around you?

What matters is to treasure what you have around you?"

I have a loving family, a few gems of friends and some very good teachers and collegues....

I am content with what i have and for any of those who know me. Thank you for being there for me.

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