Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ben and Jerry's Chunk Fest 2010 Singapore

I was invited to be a tarot reader for the Chunk Fest 2010 for ben and jerry. As the theme for the event was the 70s, i was requested to come up with a simple costume of a gyspy.. .This is a banner with artwork from Ash Abdullah.

She said my reading was worth waiting in line for over 1 hour. That is really rather flattering.

I used Ciro Machetti's Tarot of dreams as well as legacy of the divine tarot decks.

Doing a reading for Beelian.

I like this photo, to see 3 good friends intently listening to me explaining a reading.

All in All, it was from 3pm to 7pm which is 4 hours.
I did a total of 70 tarot readings for 70 people.
I would like to thank chuck for helping me take the photos and beelian for coming to support me and buy water for me to drink.

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